Sarah vs Goal Setting

Friday, February 1, 2019

Almost two years ago, through the magic of wasting-time-clicking-around-on-Instagram, I found Lara Casey and her goal setting system.  First of all, it's super pretty, so obviously I'm already trying to figure out why I need this. Second, I connect with her approach that this is a goal setting system for people who don't set goals. (Hi! I'm Sarah and I identify 1000% with that statement).  Third, there's a sale on her website! I'll get the undated 6-month system and give it a go!

It arrived in my mailbox! I opened it! It's as pretty as I imagined and more - it comes with *stickers*! Flipping through I realize there are a looooooot of pages to fill out before you list your actual goals and after a very intense 15 minutes of frustration and paralization looking at those pages I shelve it.

For a year and a half.

Fast forward to summer-ish of 2018 when my friend Kellie texted me and said -- let's do this together.  I had no idea how much I needed that push. We powered through 6 months of hard, hard, work and my Powersheets were most definitely NOT pretty. I struggled with it a LOT and often wondered what the heck I was doing. I'm the type of girl who hears about the latest book, lifestyle, exercise, etc. system and reads just enough about it to feel like I've got it and then I'm ready to go. I don't want to spend time reading a whole book -- just give me the highlights so I can get started.  Working through pages and pages of prep sheets in the Powersheets was painful for me.

December rolls around and Kellie suggests we buy the 12-month Powersheets and do those. My first thought? One Year?!! No. NOPE. To be honest, I was feeling even more lost than before I started the 6-month plan and wondering if this was just a very expensive To Do list.  But my girl pushed me, getting me a little gift card to force me to buy the 12-month and so I did. (Side note: If you don't have a Kellie in your life, I highly recommend one. She is aces.).

We met up, did the hard and repetitive work, and little by little it started to click. The plan is to continue to meet up monthly to talk through and work out (if we haven't had time before -- and let's be honest, two busy mama's? There's usually not time before...) our goals. I'm so glad I'm doing this and from a newbie, here's what I've learned works for me so far:

1. Find a buddy to work through your goals with.
In person is wonderful, I wouldn't be doing this without mine. I also think one of the beautiful things about social media is that you can find a community there as well. Search the hashtags! Comment! Get to know people! Support in numbers. You will need encouragement along the way because if you're anything like me there will be many days where it's easy to be defeated. On the flip side, everyone needs encouragement and when you're encouraging others it helps keep your perspective in check too.

2. DO. THE. WORK. 
This was so hard for me, as mentioned before. I didn't like doing the work. I didn't want to do the work. The work was like the same thing 100 different ways! And guess what? It's on purpose. It forced me to not just scribble down the quick answer but think. THINK A LOT. Little by little, I was able to get rid of ideas that I thought I should have as goals, and get to the heart of what I really, really needed and wanted to have as goals.

3. Don't be afraid to Let It Go. 
Let what go? Anything that's holding you back. Maybe you did the work and set something as a goal and suddenly it just seems like it's not working or not as important or needs to be shelved for a little bit. Let it Go. Maybe everyone around you has super exciting and impressive goals, and yours are very boring. One of the goals on my list for January is to basically come up with a weekly schedule that best allows me to get all my stuff done. Grocery shopping, laundry, phone calls. Boring. But guess what? That's important to ME for a slew of different reasons  - mainly because it will allow me to make time for the stuff I am really excited to spend more time on. So the comparison game? Let it Go.

4. Think Big Picture 
The 6-month goal setting I did was full of very, very specific goals and that's it.  I would say specific goals are necessary, but when I worked through the 12-month plan I took a broader approach to what I wanted to accomplish in 2019. I have categories like Family, Marriage, Kids, Time, and Sarah and each month I assess within those categories what specifically needs to be covered within those. For me, this has been freeing because things change sometimes quickly and often. It allows me to keep an eye on what really matters, and adjust as needed on what needs to be done to work on it.

5. Celebrate any and every victory. 
*Anytime* you see progress, celebrate. I ordered the larger sticker pack for my planner and use the stickers whenever possible. It makes me happy. Sometimes I give myself a prize when I finish a particularly hard goal -- or one I just don't want to do or need to do. I need to celebrate any victory because it reminds me that THINGS ARE HAPPENING! I'm not just sitting here thinking about what I'd like to be doing, I am actually DOING IT! No matter how small or big. So celebrate!!

There are so many systems out there for setting goals, find the one that works best for you -- even if it's just pen to paper  -- and go for it!

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